Anonymous asked:

Hey Xin, after helping take out Scarlet during the Lion's Arch incident, how much practice have you had? I'm curious to know if you were still on the Warrior's path(Asura Warriors are short yet kick ass 8D)

Are you insinuating that I wasn’t already a perfect warrior? I beat Scarlet! What else do you need to know? 


((She was actually only level 20 when Xin beat Scarlet. Ah, for the days of the Living Story upleveling a character! 

I haven’t been working with Xin much because I already have a level 80 warrior — though Asura warrior is a lot of fun! She’s level 24-ish now because I’ve been trying to finish dailies with her when I can remember to!)) 

The Machine Pt3 


My mind was still humming, a part of me still gripped by the awe and terror of the vision I just witnessed. I almost felt irritation that something should wake me from this. But as consciousness trickled back through me, I opened blurry eyes and tried to focus.

I was back in the ley line hub, next to the machine. Distantly familiar faces and voices hovered around me. It took a moment for me to recognize my friends and discern their worried looks. When I finally did respond, they seemed relieved. 

They wanted to know what happened. I didn’t think I could put my vision into words, and I was right. 

I managed to get across the fact that my vision included the Pale Tree and the Eternal Alchemy. Why? Are they linked in some way? And that something, likely Mordremoth, was seeking to destroy and offset the natural balance of it all. 

After discussion, I managed to get my point across — that we needed to seek out the Pale Tree and find a way to bring together all the races for the good of Tyria. It was something that Master Snaff attempted, too, and managed to accomplish in his own way through Destiny’s Edge. 

The others responded dubiously. I expected that. 

This wasn’t going to be easy for anyone. Doing this would force them to face the shadows of their past. 

First thing was first, though. We needed to approach the Pale Tree. 

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