insomnia1993 asked:

Syradae: I too wanted to try using me and Zer-Zer's(Don't tell him I called him that) blog, but couldn't :( Still wanted to say hello to you, my adorable friend~! Hope your doing well ^_^

Greetings Syradae! I’m doing as well as I can, given the situation in Dry Top. Have you seen what’s going on out there yet? It’s getting pretty scary. 

Aside from that, I hope you’re doing well, too? Any exciting news?


the-charr-who-watches asked:

*continuing from my last question* After doing a bit of research, the legend for sending the Ascalon Ghosts to the Mists nevers says the the Heir of Ascalon is a human or of royal blood. It simply says "The Rightful King of Ascalon".

((OOC: There’s a lot of speculation going on in the forums and Reddit and such. It’s all very interesting, but I don’t have a formed theory of my own. I think it’s very open to interpretation — it could mean anything, and that’s what makes it exciting! I’m going into my “wait and see” mode. I find that’s best to do when waiting for the unknowns in Anet’s stories.))

silverybeing asked:

Sanna: Zznaf! It's so good to see you around again. So much has happened while you were out.



Hello, Sanna! I hope all is well for you? It’s always a pleasure to hear from you! I have a lot to report as well — I’ve not been idle, just haven’t been posting public. 


Sanna: Things have been very well. I have received my medical degree, and am licensed and certified to practice healing in a professional sense. And Tarnn and I have joined the Priory together! Other smaller things have happened as well, but I don’t wish to bore you. And I look forward to reading these reports, I’ve always been a fan!

Wow! I’m so thrilled for you! A medical degree is big news. And congrats to you both for joining the Priory! Are you enjoying it so far? I hear good things about the order — I almost joined it myself. I really respect the work they do in the Priory. I know you’ll both be an asset to the order!

You never bore me with your stories, Sanna! You always have something big you’re working on. Quite an inspiration to me! 

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