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Well, it's finally over with Scarlet, even though there are lots of damage done to be dealt(Ruins of Lion's Arch, broken family and community, along with some possible prejudice against the Sylvari thanks to the lunatic behind the fiasco) with along with the dragon that may be coming in the future. Aside from that, what do you and Xin plan on doing next? (Congrats to her for avenging her Krewe, by the way)

Zznaf: Well, now that the battle is over, I plan to—

Xin: *shoves Zznaf out of the way* I got a new haircut! 


Aw… yeah! Scope it! 

And as for defeating Scarlet, no sweat! I had the weed begging for mercy before it was all over! Not that I gave her any.  


Xinddi: Scarlet’s End Part 2


So the first thing I see when I get in the control room is a group of crazy looking bookahs. I recognize them as the ones Zznaf mentioned before: a Charr, a Norn and two Humans. Though I never met them before, I guess they acknowledged me as a mutual acquaintance of Zznaf’s… or else they just recognized they were in the presence of greatness. 

Either way, they wanted me in their group. I don’t blame them. I’d want me in the group, too. 


I like this Charr’s style! 

So we wasted no time hunting down Scarlet, who we found sitting prone in the center of the control room. 


Of course, Scarlet being Scarlet, she had to run her mouth at us, as if anyone cared what she has to say. She didn’t get the memo. We don’t. 

The bookahs made that very plain and advanced on Scarlet. Even wounded as she was, she wouldn’t go down easily. 


Silly bookahs. Even I know you don’t rush a cornered and wounded animal head on. 

What happened after that was a bit of blur. Seems the Norn fellow broke his leg, and the Charr lady-friend was very much concerned. 


As for the Human… well, she took the brunt of the blast and didn’t look good at all. 


Her lady-friend was justifiably upset about it. And I could sympathize… I know how it feels to watch the ones you care about… well… let’s just say that Human and I both had similar reasons to make Scarlet pay. 

Furious, she rushed Scarlet. Figuring she didn’t learn a whole lot after seeing what happened to her first friends who rushed Scarlet, I followed her at a safe distance to see what was going to happen. 

Oh so grateful for my bow. 

Aaaand the battle began in earnest. That Human was a mesmer, and she jumped right into the thick of things. I stayed at range, shooting Scarlet while avoiding the massive rain of grenades that Scarlet flung about the room. 


Suddenly, that Human mesmer came up with a surprisingly brilliant plan. A distraction. 

She taunted Scarlet, forming multiple illusions of herself. And Scarlet being Scarlet, couldn’t resist taking the bait. 


In the meantime, I rushed around the side to deliver the final blow. 




It’s done! 


Oh, Srim… I did it!

I avenged you. And the krewe. And everything Scarlet took from me at the reactor. 

My head was swimming. My vision was blurry. I couldn’t tell if it was because I tried to fight just a little too soon after being wounded… or if those were actual tears in my eyes. 

Looking over at the bookahs… I mean… the others… I could see them regrouping. Apparently the Charr was able to revive the wounded Human. 

A Charr. Saving a Human.

It was a strange moment for me. I was on the outside of it all, watching their joy, both victorious and at the same time… a little lonely. After the reactor, I stuck things out by myself. It hurt so much to lose my friends… to lose Srim… I didn’t let anyone get close for fear of feeling that loss again. 

Stupid, I know. 

Or maybe I didn’t know. Not until I watched this strange reunion of friends that shouldn’t even exist. Maybe Snaff was on to something with his ideas of uniting races to find strength. Maybe Zznaf wasn’t so dumb to believe in these people. 

And then, that moment was over. 

That’s when Something Bad happened. 

The drill struck home. 

Whatever Scarlet was trying to dredge up, she succeeded, even after her death.

The whole drill began to shake and a huge light enveloped us. 

When it was over, we were still alive. But my ears are telling me Something Bad™ is on the horizon. The only thing is… I don’t know what. 

the-mad-professor-higgz asked:

Ya dun did good kid. Hopefully everyone will be able to recover in time.

Thank you, Professor. I hope so, too. 

I’m not sure if it was a mistake to encourage Xin to confront Scarlet or not… I suppose only time will tell. I feel like if she’s successful, it might help her come to terms with some things. I think she can do it, as long as she’s not alone!


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... How did I not know this till now? 8O *Gives happy hug of death*

((No problem! I try to spread that info around every time I hear someone is having troubles getting into the instance with Scarlet. I’m glad they put that option in there for times when you just can’t seem to beat that hologram scenario. It’s pretty chaotic.)) 

insomnia1993 asked:

Please update the next part soon, it's giving me an idea for a little short story for my characters(still having trouble getting into Scarlet's lair myself... >>;;;)

((Will try to get it up tomorrow. I have to write it all first, though. 

If you’re having troubles, have you tried this? All you need is the spinal blades back piece to enter the lair. That’s pretty much how I did it — defeated Scarlet then went back and actually tried the hologram battles for journaling purposes.))

Xinddi: Scarlet’s End Part 1


Greetings to you, my intelligent and super-enthralled readers! You now have the privilege of my presence, Xinddi, master genius of Rata Sum. Don’t worry. I’m writing here today with permission from Zznaf. I didn’t hack his communication device again. Yet.

He said that writing is a good thing. Therapeutic. I don’t need therapeutic. I just can’t resist boasting of my greatest accomplishment: 

Scarlet’s Ultimate TAKEDOWN!

(Cue the “Bum Bum Buuuuum”) 

Oh yeah! Here we go! 


So. After waking at the Vigil camp, I spent a few hours getting my wits together and making sure I had all all my limbs in tact. That’s when I heard that the Lionguard was making a push into the city  to strike at Scarlet 

Well, I still wanted a piece of that. 

Zznaf was surprisingly supportive and invested in a bow for me. Here I was thinking… man… bows are for losers. But you know, once I tried it and practiced some with the Vigil trainer, I think I have a talent for it. One of my many talents, naturally! 

As soon as I was able, I joined the fight (trust me, I’m okay… it takes more than a little trip to the Mists to knock this girl down). Zznaf was with me for a while, of course, before we were separated in the confusion. He stressed that this time, I need to stick close to the group. And though I’m fully confident in my abilities to handle things on my own… well… 




And that worked pretty well, actually. What’s not to like? I stand in the back firing spiteful death on Scarlet’s minions while bookahs meat shield for me. 

Things got a little hairy, though, once Scarlet pulled out the stops. That’s when her “knights” began to appear in the city. Apparently there was some sort of red-green-blue color system because Scarlet thought representing the three Asuran schools was cute. 


I don’t think anything about this is cute. Neither did anyone else as we bashed its head in, and did the same for the other two. This opened the way to a direct attack on Scarlet. 

I’ve gotta say, she has to be even more arrogant and narcissistic than me. And I’m a hard act to follow. She filled that room with not only a giant hologram of her ugly face, but too many smaller holograms of herself to count. That’s seriously messed up. 

But we took them down. As we struck the final blow against her hologram, Scarlet appeared to defend her creation, and we gave her a nasty wallop! 


Who’s laughing now? Huh? HUH? 

As she limped her way back towards the control room, she didn’t find any sympathy with the audience, either. 


Most beautiful light show I’ve ever seen! Zznaf was right about one thing… it took a lot of us working together to get this done. But as I followed Scarlet’s retreat further into her drill’s control room, I knew it wasn’t quite over yet. The best is yet to come! 

So tune in next time as I my boot meets Scarlet’s face! 

-This is Xinddi, out!-

((OOC Author Note: Xinddi’s in game character is only a level 20 warrior. She’s totally lucky these events up scale to level 80! XD )) 

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