The Concordia Incident


It took a bit of travel, but we arrived at Concordia in Timberline Falls. The place was already besieged by vines and looked to be in a terrible state. 


Rox, Braham and I rushed to assist those inside the fort — they were a mix of Vigil and Priory from the looks of it. There were Mordrem swarming everywhere, though what their focus of attack was left me puzzled. 


Once we fought off the creatures, secured the fort and ensured everyone’s safety, we were able to talk with the Tactician about what could have caused this uprising. He noted that there was an important Priory caravan that traveled through the area just before the attack. 


The Tactitican told us that Magister Lindsay was out searching for those who were lost along the way. However, he planned on leading the caravan to an Asura lab located nearby for safety. 

After a little bit of squabbling between Rox and Braham (she’s still overly worried about the condition of his leg), we decided to split up. Rox would come with me to find Magister Lindsay and Braham would help escort the caravan to safety. 

The area was swarming with Mordrem, which made going slow and difficult. However, with Rox’s help, we soon tracked down the wayward Magister and I was able to discuss the situation with her. 

Hmm… this locket is a curious thing. But even more curious is why the vines appeared to be drawn to it. Very powerful and coveted — is it something that Mordremoth wants? 

We escorted the Priory to the Asura lab in order to meet up with the rest of the caravan. However, the Mordrem were there already and attacking again! This was extremely troubling — whatever that locket was, we couldn’t let Mordremoth get a hold of it. 

Once we secured the lab, Rox reminded me that we had other obligations to meet in Ft. Salma. However, everyone was pretty worn down after the fight and travel, and I didn’t foresee the threat just vanishing so easily. 

I suggested that Rox and Braham remain behind while I went to check in on Ft. Salma. 

She agreed and we decided to group back up at Dry Top when all of this was over. 

((Finally got to work through the Sons of Svanir battles of the new Living Story — it’s been bugged for me two nights in a row.

After the patch and reset, the event started up with an ANet dev in our instance. It was super funny because he was a necromancer and all of his minions also had the ANet tag on them. It made it look like a ton of devs were out there fighting in this event! XD ))

Discovering Scarlet’s Breakthrough

When we arrived at the ley line hub, we noticed the place was already swarming with Inquest, who were likely there to salvage whatever technology they could. Instead of attacking them head-on, Taimi suggested using Scarlet’s defense systems to fend them off. She seemed confident that she could reconfigure it, so we went along with the idea. 

Inquest attacked as we approached the first console, but they were few in number and not difficult to defeat. Taimi spent little time hacking into the console, then announced Scarlet’s zap weapons were at our disposal. 

As excited as she was, I was surprised she handed the controls over to me. As the group defended my back, I cleared the way with red lazors of death. 

I have to admit, zap weapons were somewhat interesting to play with. I wasn’t the only one amused, though. Jory called out Taimi, who wasn’t ashamed to admit her enthusiasm. 

I wish there were less violent ways to neutralize Inquest, but at this point, I don’t think we have much choice. As we pressed further into the hub, we were once more attacked before arriving at another console. Once that threat was taken care of, Taimi was able to reconfigure it. This time, it was the controls of one of the steam creatures. 

Once more, she handed the controls to me. I’m not sure if she was secretly trying to show me Scarlet’s brilliance by allowing me to experience her inventions. I had to remind myself that these traps were just as dangerous to our team, as well. 

The steam creature had little trouble dispatching the Inquest invaders. 

From there, we pressed even further into the cave. The final console gave Taimi the ability to activate Scarlet’s ultimate holographic defenses… whatever that meant. 

It was designed to destroy anything unknown that invaded the cave. However, Taimi said she could configure the system to recognize us, thus not destroying us on sight while removing the Inquest threat.

Though it sounded dubious, there weren’t many options. The Inquest were mounting a far larger attack this time. So we held them off as Taimi did her thing. 

Inquest were now aware of our progress, saw us as a threat, and advanced in full force. This time, they came with several golems, and pressed us hard to defend the spot. 

Once Taimi was in the system, however, she successfully launched the defenses. A brilliant white light blinded us momentarily, removing the rest of the Inquest, but leaving us all in tact. 

Now that we had a moment to breathe, Taimi scanned the waypoint network and reported her findings. 

This sounded pretty bad. 

The team wasted no time in deciding how to investigate the situation. Rox and Braham would go to Concordia. Jory and Kas would go to Fort Salma. Hopefully, whatever we found there would assist Taimi in finding a solution for the waypoint invasion. 

Journey Across Dry Top

The Dry Top environment is far more varied than I expected. As I traveled through the land towards the ley line hub, I found new and exciting things — each which could constitute a fantastic discovery within itself. This area has been so cut off, so sheltered from the rest of the world, that it holds cultures that we have long forgotten. 

Almost immediately after leaving the underground room, I discovered a tribe of peaceful centaur. They looked different from the centaur I’ve seen in other areas. Rather than being aggressive, they spoke in a way that almost echoed the sylvari. 

In fact, they had taken in other Zephyrite crash victims and have been sheltering and nursing them back to health. I’d say those are two cultures that mesh well together. 

I also took note of a trio of Priory Scholars who were investigating the area. Beyond the tribe, the land grew more rocky and barren once more. 

But then, I stumbled upon something unexpected: an oasis. 

It was lush and green with a peaceful air about it — much different from the green threat of Mordremoth’s spread. There, I found towering trees, flourishing wildlife and trickling waterfalls. 

I also discover a curious garden tended by a centaur and skritt. I spoke with the centaur, who explained what it was like to tend the vine seed flowers, and what the seeds could be used for. When he indicated a planted seed could be used as a bridge… well… I have to say I had my doubts. 

Until I saw one. 

After crossing the bridge, I traveled through an arid area, nearly desert. It was inhabited by Inquest and worms, both which made my progress slower. But finally, I came to a cave where the map indicated the ley line hub rested. 


Anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the guy Xin recruited?

I’m not sure yet — we haven’t actually spoke. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but Mote doesn’t seem impressed by what he’s seeing. 

He’s fairly young, his hair is trendy and he’s well dressed. He’s also a mesmer, so I suspect this will be an interesting encounter. 

I get the feeling that Xin might have chosen him for her own reasons…



Anonymous asked:

Mote looks so FABULOUS in your drawing style, I also like the earrings X3

((Haha.. thanks! Glad you liked it! 

Actually, those aren’t earrings. I know it’s hard to tell on his screenshot and on my sketch, but he has the Asura spotty skin markings. They’re just a bit darker than his regular skin color. That was supposed to indicate spots in the sketch, but I guess I should have filled them in! ^^; ))

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